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    I’ve made my friends suffer

    Now it’s your turn.

    My masterpiece.

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  7. Donations!?


    Yes yes, I’ve added a donation button to the front page of this blog, located at the top left hand corner. 

    I’ve added this simply for anyone who is interested in supporting what i do, my passion and wants to help me continue on making great props! These donations will go towards acquiring better tools, more materials, and a better/safer work environment. They also help me with things like tutorials, getting a higher quality camera both for better pictures and much better more in depth tutorials and videos than the ones i’m currently working on. I know its a long shot but i believe in the kindness of those around me and those who really appreciate and respect what i do. 

    I am currently going through some rough times and its making it difficult to find the time and motivation to continue sometimes, but through hard work, perseverance, and the support of my followers here, on Facebook, and anywhere else you may see my work, i can keep pursuing my dream!

    All donations, big or small will be greatly appreciated and i will do my best to make sure you know your support is very welcomed. 

    Thanks to everyone, for sticking with me!



    Commissions are open!

    Anything helps! 

    thank you so much

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  11. Who wants to let me stay with them
    Because I literally cannot stand being at home.

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    Pokémon Starters.
    by Kiy Meister.

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  15. i dont think people know what bara is